HP calculator for Nokia Internet Tablets

HP's Reverse Polish Notation scientific calculators are just about the best one can hope from a calculator. This is the next best you can have without a real HP hardware.

There are a few hildonization things and skins so that it fits better on Nokia N900, Nokia N810, Nokia N800 Nokia 770 device.

Get Free42 for Nokia Maemo devices here.

Most (read almost all) of the work has been done by others, see for information about the project.

The project is hosted in Maemo Garage which has SVN repository for the lastest stuff.

Source code is available from here or from my repository at

Assisted GPS (A-GPS) SUPL and RRLP client and proxy

This package includes source code for supl-client for acting as the A-GPS client and supl-proxy for sitting in between a SUPL client and a real SUPL server and showing the traffic in clear between the two.

Download the source code tarball from here. Source code is released under open source license.

MIDP Sudoku for mobile phones

This is an implementation of Sudoku game on MIDP-based mobile phones. Most MIDP 2.0 models should work.

Download sudoku source code from here.